New single XL
Out August 20


Despite being just 25, Thai-Italian contemporary R&B star SILVY is already something of a veteran of the entertainment industry.

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Despite being just 25, Thai-Italian contemporary R&B star SILVY is already something of a veteran of the entertainment industry. An award-nominated musician and actress, she has contributed her distinctive powerhouse vocal to numerous official soundtracks, as well as appearing on hit TV shows such as The Voice (Thailand) and The Masked Singer. Because of her alt-rock-inflected singing style and an affinity for subculture fashion, SILVY has been dubbed ‘The Asian P!NK’. However, SILVY’s vast experiences in the industry have shaped her both personally and professionally into a truly unique artist in her own right.

Growing up surrounded by music courtesy of her Thai mother and Italian father, SILVY has never wanted anything other than to be a musician and performer. Singing afforded her the creative freedom and emotional catharsis she craved, even from an early age. And in all things, SILVY has never been afraid to go BIG: at the age of seven, she was taking on the enormous vocal tracks of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey in competitions across Thailand, triggering an obsession with the craft of singing that remains with her today.

After appearing on hit Thai TV show ‘The Star’, SILVY was snapped up by a major record label at just 15 years old. Rather than being an opportunity to fulfil her lifelong goal, she instead found herself under the gaze of label executives pushing her to lose weight, be more feminine, and ditch the tomboyish skater fashion she felt at home in. Despite this, SILVY found resilience in her approach to music. For SILVY, the creative dynamic that has shaped her musical journey is an interplay between skill and imperfection. One the one hand, SILVY is characterised by the kind of obsessiveness with her craft that typifies all successful people. But on the other, she is unique in that this obsession doesn’t aim at perfection – instead, she embraces and incorporates the inevitable moments of imperfection. Always seeking new ways to express herself, SILVY leans into the physical limitations of the human body, such as a voice cracking as it reaches beyond itself, utilising them as techniques to convey the emotion of her tracks.

It was this approach which allowed SILVY to emerge from her early label experiences without succumbing to the gradual erosion of confidence that would have undermined most young artists. SILVY had consciously decided to use every experience as an opportunity to not only further her skillset, but also to figure out exactly what she wanted to do and who she wanted to be. She would emerge from this experience both a better musician and a person with a clear, uncompromised, sense of identity. The next phase for SILVY was seizing the wheel and taking control of her own journey. Rather than rely upon the music industry to make her a star, she used what she had learned to connect directly with her fans by creating her own YouTube channel, amassing a huge number of followers as they congregated to watch her perform. Now with her own ready-made audience on social media, she was in a position to re-engage with the music industry on her own terms.

This brings us to the SILVY of today: a music obsessive, wholly self-aware and confident in who she is, and driven by the imperfections she embraces as her own. This openness is precisely what has endeared her to her audience, who look to her as a symbol of female empowerment in her native Thailand – fierce, brave, and uncompromising. It is fitting that her debut track ‘XL’ is therefore not merely an anthem for body positivity, it’s a personal manifesto. It’s a song that serves as a reminder to SILVY of her own artist journey as much as it functions as an example for her audience to follow. It candidly confronts her experiences, but it confronts them with the celebratory attitude of a woman announcing the arrival of the real SILVY to a music scene sometimes lacking in the deeply authentic lived experience possessed by this incredible Thai artist. And, inevitably, SILVY has BIG plans – so watch this space!